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By helping yourself, you will help the Universe to

help the world.


What do you fear the most?

I, Ana Paula believe we all, on a subconscious level, fear what we do not love within ourselves and that includes our lives and our past just because we are afraid of feeling hurt again and again. And when we cannot resolve our suffering, we will unconsciously act out our pain in the world. This is us expressing our inner story with outer actions. This is the story of inner pain.

Orando na mesquita

Are you ready to break free of expectations, and projections and dare to be yourself, unapologetically, truthfully, and lovingly?

Society will always try to tell you that: you do not have enough, you do not do enough, and you are not enough. This inner voice has a unique way of torturing you. You are not this inner voice. It’s time to take the first step in towards reforming it.


“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha


Are you ready to overcome your limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns that keep you stuck?

The limiting beliefs we tend to hold in our heads and the unhealed emotions in our heart are merely protecting us from the pain, discomfort, and truth we would prefer to avoid, creating barriers between one human being and another.


Are you dreaming about:

•    Honouring your feelings, instinct, and intuition?

•    Living your life according to the code of Self-love?

•    Creating a healthy relationship with yourself?

•    Overcoming your fears?


Do you want to stop

THAT INNER battle that is continually making you feel dissatisfied, angry, and stressed?

These dynamic thoughts, emotions, and behaviours drive your life forward but the implication of changing seems overwhelming, so you just deny it or wear a happy face mask every day

I trust when we are answering the call for the implication of changing, stepping up and out, we need more help and care than ever!

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Have wounds in your hands or any physical sign that your body is trying to communicate with you and don’t have a clue where they are coming from or what to do?


Would you like to learn how to express your emotions?


In childhood we usually learn to feel scared, guilty and ashamed to some degree of expressing what we feel, need and want.

By the time you learn to talk about your emotions and clean your body off the negative and stuck energies, you will not feel depressed or physically unwell.


If you feel this is your time, this is where having me as your coach and energy healer, plus being a part of the Metta community could impact your life and your beloved ones.


We are going to do this work together, walk this path together unlocking your self-love, self-acceptance and healing your fears, reprogram your beliefs and overcoming challenges.


Let me tell you something my love, your life will be much better if you learn how to have unconditional love for yourself. Everyone around you will benefit from that, and you will also encourage others to do the same.


We will move forward, hand in hand. Together, we will work on the emotional basics behind your inner blockages to love and accept yourself no matter how big your problem seems to you.


Supporting you to find a romantic relationship with yourself, own your truth, be seen and respected, while taking inspired actions towards designing a life with abundance.

I will be with you, supporting, guiding and cheering you on every step of the way.

You know is time, can you hear the call?

It is time to give up your notions of going alone


No-one else can choose you if you do not choose for yourself. Be yourself the time is now!

I am a Self-love Life Coach for Women and Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner. Mentoring and Coaching like-minded woman like you to overcome your fears and blocks. Through love and healing, I support you to connect with your life purpose creating a life that is truly beautiful and therefore elevates the world we live in.

I have trained with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, which is an Australian approved by the International Coach Federation. I am also a Kundalini yoga teacher and hold a degree in Food Science Engineering. I incorporate meditation practices, yoga and my great transformational health and wellness experience into the mix too.


I am Ana Paula.

I take a compassionate, holistic approach as a Coach & Theta healer through any situation in your life. I love to incorporate elements from my pieces of training for lack of self-love, anxiety and stress management as well as assistance in finding your path in life.


I have also overcome many challenges in my life including hair loss, my mum for cancer, anxiety, depression, and created a whole new experience. 

I experience precisely what it takes to change your life from the inside out.


If you are ready for an intuitive, kind, powerful coach and healing that will believe you, feel you, see you, mentoring you, celebrate your successes, and new life.

Are you ready for

your next level?

Work With Me


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Real life coaching for real life changes to help you move forward and co-create the life you always wanted.

Remove blocks, limiting beliefs and outgrown patterns preventing you from evolving.

Balance and nourish mind, body and soul through body movements, relaxation and meditation.

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