Hi! There!

It is Ana Paula here.

Happy to see you here in the comfort of our virtual home! I know it is possible to manifest anything in life. That's absolutely true!

You can manifest anything with the power of your mind, a connection with your truth, big vision and the right support. I have reinvented many aspects of my life by choice, changing my mindset creating solutions for what we usually call huge problems.

Now as a heart centred entrepreneur, I help my clients love and accept themselves more.

Having more confidence,life balance and clarity.


I support women like you who have internal struggles, knows life is challenging, BUT it is also beautiful.

I genuinely believe that we are on the Earth together for a significant reason, to master our emotions and relationship with ourselves and others.


I assist you to get clear on what powerful actions to take and patterns to release, help you to shift the deep beliefs, so you move past your fears and into an entirely new level of self-love and self-belief.


A Brazilian, living the life adventure for over 11 years in London, mama + step mama, have an inner urge to creatively externalise my investigative findings to people. A spiritual seeker who believe in the supreme intelligence, eternal student, who love healthy food, hug trees and sneeze.


As a Self-love Life Coach, Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner and Kundalini yoga teacher. I have a passion for serving women mapping their natural state of being, their gifts, talents and the ideal way of their manifestation in the world. 


I do support women to make the right decisions, know who they are and who they are not, eliminating resistance and frustration by having a happy, healthy and blessed life, loving and accepting themselves as they really are. 


I do support women love, accept and heal themselves, connect to their lives purpose and create a life that is truly beautiful to them and consequently elevates the world we live.


My approach is holistic, and my definition of holistic involves drink lemon juice in the morning, laughing when jumping on trampolines, loud music, and mantras. I do not believe that in the pursuit of one goal everything else has to fall apart. 


In my approach, I combine coaching techniques, mindfulness, diverse meditation styles, kundalini yoga and ThetaHealing® technology that I have been experiencing and made significant changes in my life and my client’s lives.


I am here to support you feel loved, comfortable, and confident.

If you are considered an urge of doing something for yourself and most important of all FEEL LIKE YOU AGAIN

LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, MY LOVE? When we are able to love who we are, taking care of others became enriching, nourishing and much more natural.




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