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• Certified Life Coach from Beautiful you life coaching academy. 2017.


• Certified in the ThetaHealing® technique as a Basic and Advanced Practitioner at Bourgeon London 2018


• Certified Radiant Child Yoga teacher with Cristin Tighe in 2014.


• Certified by KRI as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Study at Amrit Nam Sarovar School in 2012


• POS-graduated in International Business at The London School of Commerce. Gloucestershire University diploma in 2010.


• Food-Science Engineering at PUC University in Brazil 2007.


• Reiki level 1 


• Nutrition Therapist in training.


• Detox specialist in training.


• Emotional Freedom Technique in practice. 


Hi. It is Ana Paula here, to tell you a little bit more about my story. For the ones who are passionate about people stories,  like myself.


I left Brazil for one reason. I wanted to know who I was, what I want and what life is about. Immersed in my family problems I thought I needed to save them, to help them as much as I could, however by trying to help and thinking that I was responsible for changing their life no matter what, I lost myself.

Aggressively trying to change other people, without transforming our own pain, anger, and fears, no amount of effort will bring about the lasting changes our world needs.

I lost the path to the point of seeking therapy to help my family's problems. I remember the therapist saying: we have been here almost at the end of the session and you don't even start talking about you! That day, I realised that I was utterly overwhelmed, with massive shoulders carrying with me the problems of everyone and forgetting about my own issues.


It was a hard decision to leave my family behind, as I love them so much and I do care about them, but today I think I made the best choice. Moving to England to awake my soul in many different ways.


I must say that was not easy at all. I have had to breakthrough many paradigms, and the first one was to leave behind my Engineering career in a huge multinational company to study English and work as a waitress in a pub. People used to say that I was getting mad. Working behind the bar brought me humility, equality, and freedom.


Another significant learning was towards spirituality. The responsibility to engage on my inner-self.

I had to face the fear and discover a lot about myself and why I did feel so empty. I have done this throughout the spiritual study. I had to unlearn what is God about. My view is, God is not a person who wants to punish you. God refers to the universal intelligence, awareness, source, love from which all life and all physical forms of matter in the universe arise. God does not punish anyone. 


My investigation for truth, healing, and clarity of purpose led me to some alternative learning institutions. I have been to a variety of training, lectures, workshops, and retreats that focused on holistic healing techniques and spiritual disciplines. I studied and practised various forms of meditation, yoga, and philosophies on a daily basis for years. I have served a spiritual place as a volunteer in a charity shop, lectures, and yoga classes for kids for many years too.


I read book after book, I have done courses on health, spirituality, nutrition, alternative medicine, philosophy, enlightenment, and various form of the evolution of consciousness. All I wanted was freedom and acceptance from my mental, emotional and physical suffering and find a definite purpose in my life.

It was time to face my biggest fear that I was protecting as a teenager. Fear of being loved and accepted as I had Androgenetic Alopecia, the most common form of women's hair loss globally. 

Severe self-diet without nutrition monitoring awaken my genetic predisposition to hair loss. I never thought that losing a few would end-up losing almost all of it! Naturally, my psyche was dying, disappearing into a reclusive depression when I realize the treatments were not working and improving my genetic condition. I hated my family and my mother to have this on her genes and pass onto me! I felt devastated with no confidence at all and this factor has had a huge impact in my life.

How could I possibly stop being stressed about it? I was a teenage girl and I was losing my hair.

As women, our hair and image are the crowning glories, merely matter the world to us and facing diseases like Female Pattern Hair Loss can cause severe damage not only to our physical appearance but also to our personality and how we put ourselves in the world.

I became very irritable. I was irritated by the problem itself, and by the people who from time to time mentioned it. I realised the time had come to spot pretending and I must face up to the truth. I was mentally exhausted about my hair situation and obsession. I was a simple girl that just wanted healthy hair.

I decided to go for fixed hair extensions, which led me to taste joy, relieve and a bit of more confidence with myself in the mirror, pictures and socializing. Well, at least for quite a while.

I spent year thinking about my hair. Uncountable days of not focusing on my divine purpose, on what I really came to do in this world. Instead of spending my time as a seeker, self-development, I was thinking about hair most of the time.

I didn't have the confidence to take anything further.

To those who know me, l always appeared confident and bubbly but inside I felt the total opposite. It is difficult to find the words to describe how unfeminine, and ugly it made me feel.


I had to work on my fears of passing by a wig shop a lot before entering the first one.

I had to have the courage to open the Alopecia UK charity support webpage and admit that I needed community support and I had to work a lot on my healing process of so many years suffering alone and hiding my pain.

When I have shared my most profound pain with a few trusted friends and my partner, they were in shock! They could not believe how devastating it was for me as I was always beautiful, happy and laughing.

All the love relationships that I had in the past that did not work, I was connecting to my hair problem. In my mind, I used to think that did not work well because they have discovered that I have thinning hair! So I decided to work harder on holistic healing, yoga, and meditations to improve self-love, and acceptance and self-healing.

I have learned the lesson not to hide about my hair but that stage I did learn the lesson to share my deepest feelings with my beloved ones. It does help a lot, believe me!

The journey was not easy, but things get much easier when you have clarity, people who support you and when you feel that you are not alone. Having the opportunity to feel belonged, to feel embraced is essential to overcome any physical, healthy or mental problems.


At this point, I realised that I had to start the adventure within and accepted myself the way I was. I needed to be very self-conscious about my inner transformation FIRST. Otherwise, I would not be happy without any external solution.


So I realised that I had to work on my limiting beliefs, embrace myself with love, understanding first what was going on, inside of my head, accept my situation and heal what was damaged in a deeper level, in my soul.


I worked out a lot on my limiting beliefs with Emotion Freedom Technique known as EFT, positive affirmations, meditations, yoga, Reiki and ThetaHealing and also real actions to move forward and find myself back.


Empathy involves a connection, something in ourselves that helps us relate to someone else's experience.

I see you, I feel you, and I understand your feelings when you have something in you that is very painful, and you don't know how to start working on it practically.  


Having empathy, it is different from the feeling of sympathy, which can feel judgemental and does not always feel supported. When we offer sympathy, we are in the sense of poor you. Empathy involves a connection, something in ourselves that helps us relate to someone else experience, and it allows people to feel understood and supportive even if our circumstances are different, empathy involves letting people know they are not alone.


 It is with someone and feeling someone.


Not indeed a response, like “you have to deal with this for the rest of your life,” if it is a birthmark that you hate, any physical condition or temporary healthy situation. Not really a response can make something better. The truth is what makes something better it is a connection, focus on feeling with your tribe, with your community, and creating a connection that will change the way you face your life.

I honestly changed the way I feel about myself.


I felt confident for the first time in so long, as I no longer had to worry about people noticing it.

After self-realization, working hard with stuff inside first, I decided to wear a hairpiece called Topper which blends in with my own hair giving a very natural look. No one can really notice I wear this hair topper and if it is noticeable, I don't really care anymore.

I’m very grateful for what I experienced, I have peace in my heart and in my mind now. The mental energy and resistance that I was living in every single day of my life have gone and opened the opportunity to have my path back, to think on my life purpose and really feel alive with the feeling that I am contributing to the world, that I am not wasting my time thinking about hair. It showed me how to find the strength, trust, and compassion in myself. I have much more exciting things to learn, grow and evolve as human beings and I am sure you do too.


What I believe in!

You are here to be fulfilled and live a life of freedom and purpose.


Thankfully I can now always see a significant purpose to my personal battle. An essential part of this purpose has been to share the heart and soul of what I have learned from my own suffering with you so that you can enjoy your life with freedom and purpose


I offer you the support that you need to move forward.


 Here is someone with few loss experiences that made me a better person. This is just part of my story. I lost my hair, I lost my mum to cancer when I was 36 weeks pregnant, and I lost half of my blood when my son was born, but I managed to see life with bright eyes, and I am here to improve and add light to the world in some way.

We need to live a life defined by truth, kindness, and meaning. The external recognition, approval, and validation we seek is merely a subconscious cry for us to fully acknowledge our own worth and stop rejecting our true self.

It’s a day-after-day choice we each need to make to overcome fear, negativity, and guilt.


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