Heart to Heart call


Cultivating acceptance, Loving kindness and compassion for yourself is as a direct path to healing and peace


•    Do you feel like you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect first by yourself and then by others?

•    Do you feel like you want to do something for yourself but are not quite sure on how to start?

•    Do you betray your true feelings and continuously allow other people to take advantage of and disrespect you?

•    Are you sick of not fitting in or not being socially accepted?

•    Do you want to love and accept yourself as you really are or would you prefer to be controlled by the opinions and criticism of others?

•    Do you store emotional pain and have tons of limited thinking?


Then it is time to give up your notions of going alone.


Why am sure about this?

Because I have been there! Immersed in fears to be who I am and lose friends, family members or partners. Doubt that if you step up loving yourself, expressing your emotions, people will leave you, will not love you or will find you selfish.

What did I realise?

Once you dare to do the first step, even if is uncomfortable and painful, you recognise that is the best thing to do for everyone at the end. Everyone will benefit from this brave action. There is a reason for everything, understanding the lesson, the learnings and secondary gains of all suffering, bring to the conscience and heal your soul.


When you change yourself, you change the world around you


Are you ready to love and accept yourself as you really are? I am the life coach that can take you there.


As your life coach, my soulful and heart to heart style of coaching is for you if you know that you need to do something for yourself but does not know how to start practically.

I create a supportive and sacred space where you can bring your Heart. We set inspired goals and actions to move you from where you are to where you really want to be. I will hold you accountable for your emerging new way of thinking and be.

Discard the biggest fear of losing the people that you love if you start a journey of self-love. Throw away the thought of being selfish. Forget the reasons why it won't work and let's follow the one reason why it will.


You can discover more profound levels of peace, health, joy, and passion in yourself, without giving up all the things and people while trusting in yourself first.


You are here, you are closer than you think. Think about you. Think about this incredible moment of transforming your life!


How to get started?


This is an entirely FREE discovery call.

Once you express interest in working with me, I will forward you a pre-coaching questionnaire. It will give us a chance to get to know one another better, crack open your deepest fears and biggest desires.


This is 30-45 minute complimentary call to ensure you feel comfortable, supported and that the two of us is a sound 'match.'

What is working with a coach like?

•    Working with a coach will assist you to in creating change in your life.

•    It will help you move from where you are to where you really want to be and don't know how.

•    Helps you think and behave differently.

•    Consciously learning what is best for you and the life you want to live.

•    It is part motivation, part education, and part accountability, helping you make lasting changes that improve your life as a whole.

•    It is entirely non-critical and non-judgmental


This heart to heart call is an opportunity for you to see my coaching style, ask me questions, and check if we are a match made in coaching. This is a beautiful chance to connect.

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