When we developed Metta, we developed loving kindness, unconditional love for all beings.

We developed friendly, kind thoughts and actions.

As a practice, Metta is first directed to ourselves and eventually waves out into the world.

‘Once you love yourself unconditionally, loving another becomes an act of self-love.’


There are lots of people who recognise they need to love and accept themselves, but many are lost as to how to do it practically.


On the collective consciousness, we were normally taught as a child that our request for help was inconvenient to others; self-love has been judged, avoided as negative and selfish.


Metta is a practice loving-kindness, a compassion lifestyle focused on the development of unconditional love for all beings.

This name was inspired in a meditation, out of my freedom from my mental, emotional and physical suffering and also my desire for true identity.

That moment that I understood what is meaningful and what I want to do for the rest of your life, the truth about life's purpose. What makes sense and make us feel that we are contributing to having a better world.


This is why Metta

was created.

I could see how all my suffering was caused by me never learning how to relate to myself with kindness, acceptance, respect, and honesty at all times.

In due course, I realise that everything I have been through and learned in my own selfish quest for life purpose, well-being, and freedom could help others. I naturally, found my life’s calling. I felt inspired and had a profound intention in supporting others to create an experience they deserve.

Why Metta was created as

a heart centred business?

•    Because I am passionate about people. I want to see people living their highest potential and making a positive impact on Earth changing the place we live.

•    I want to look at people healing themselves and go and improve their friends and family. When we are healed, we are not healed alone.

•    Because I want to wave this empowering message of self-love and Self-healing and help people stop suffering. We are not in the world to suffer. We were not born to suffer.

•    I want to be a lightworker, support people learn how to love themselves, inspire them to feel complete and good.

•    I want to help people recognize that the other person is you, there is no difference between you and me.


Loving Kindness is recognised that the other person is you, is your own kind. Kindness is an aspect of Sat Nam (truth identity), as we cultivate identification with our own Self and the Self in others. This virtue is a feeling of universal kindness, recognizing that everyone is part of you. This is Metta.

My mission is to empower as many people as possible around the world to love, accept and heal themselves in the most loving, gentle and straightforward way.  Inspiring them to feel happy, to have freedom,

and confidence to live a

life full of purpose.

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